Measurement Services:

CoreCrystal provides a wide range of measurement services for semiconductors based on electrical and physical analysis. Please see our measurement services below. 

Ask for more details on measuements and technical discussions. 

Process services: 

Corecrystal can provide several clean room services including photo-lithography for the micron size resolution, electron beam lithograpy for sub-micron applications, laser lithography for photo-mask printing and coating services like photo-resist coating, PECVD dielectric coatings and some metal coatings with physical evaporation systems, sputtering, and electro-plating methods.

Mechanical services such as wafer dicing, chip singulation, wafer grinding and polishing are also available for serial production and R&D purposes.

- Process development
- Fab design
- Process Flow design
- Waste gas treatment
- RF circuit design