Wafer Cassette Carrier

$ 402,50
Wafer Cassette Carrier

Semiconductor Wafer carrier cassette. PTFE is preferred in many chemical processes due to its high chemical resistance. In the semiconductor industry, circular and square wafers need to be subjected to repeated chemical treatments. For this reason, wafer cassettes are used to process many wafers simultaneously. Our ergonomic, easy-to-use cassettes are designed and manufactured to handle a wide range of chemical processes with their robust construction. Thanks to the detachable external handle, you can safely transfer your wafers between different chemical tanks.

Product Features
  • High Chemical Resistant PTFE body material.
  • Robust and rigid desing.
  • Easy handling with detachable PTFE handler.
  • Minimum contact area on your wafers
Product NameCassette-3Cassette-4Cassette-6Cassette-8Cassette-12
Model NoCR-WH-WC-001CR-WH-WC-002CR-WH-WC-003CR-WH-WC-004CR-WH-WC-005
Width155 mm.155 mm.190 mm.240 mm.340 mm.
Length210 mm.210 mm.210 mm.210 mm.210 mm.
Height210 mm.210 mm.255 mm.255 mm.360 mm.
Cassette for3″ wafers4″ wafers6″ wafers8″ wafers12″ wafers
Capacity25 wafers25 wafers25 wafers25 wafers25 wafers
Price ($)$ 402,50$ 402,50$ 402,50$ 402,50$ 402,50
Product Photos

Circular shaped wafers are used especially in the field of many different semiconductor device production. You can use our wafer cassettes to process wafers of different sizes, from 2″ (50.8mm) to 8″ (~200mm). All you need is to choose your custom wafer size from our product list.

FAQs About This Product
Can you make customized carrier?

Yes we can customize the product for you. You may ask for your own wafer dimensions.

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