PCB ESD Tweezers

PCB ESD Tweezers

General use tweezers are specially designed to handle different fragile and delicate materials such like PCB boards, ito glasses, metal plates and foils etc. These wafer handling tweezers include anti-magnetic stainless steel material; perfectly balanced symmetry and anti-glare polished tip edges for accurate positioning of wafers or substrates to avoid breakage of thin materials. Soft ESD coating is to eliminate scratching and damaging.

Product Types
Product NameModel NoLenghtWidth Price($)
Fingers LargeCR-WH-WT-001-BL120 mm20 mm$ 9,00
Flat LargeCR-WH-WT-002-BL120 mm20 mm$ 9,00
Finger MediumCR-WH-WT-003-BL120 mm12 mm$ 9,00
Flat MediumCR-WH-WT-004-BL120 mm12 mm$ 9,00
Fingers SmallCR-WH-WT-005-BL120 mm8 mm$ 7,00
Product Features
  • Body material; 304 SS with ESD painted
  • Suitable for general use for handling of PCB boards, ito glasses, sensitive metal plates&foils etc.
  • Optional entire body ESD coating
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