GaN Based Epitaxial Wafers

GaN Based Epitaxial Wafers

Group III Nitride semiconductors (GaN – Gallium Nitride, AlN – Aluminium Nitride, InN – Indium Nitride, AlGaN – Aluminium Gallium Nitride, InGaN – Indium Gallium Nitride, InAlN – Indium Aluminium Nitride) are very important materials of today’s electronic and opto-electronic technology. Including UV and visible Blue Green White LEDs and high power – high frequency devices many semicondcutor devices are made of such Nitride semiconductor materials via several methods like MOCVD, MBE and HVPE.

RF HEMT Epitaxial Wafers
On SiC and Silicon: 3″, 4″, 6″, Rs<350Ohm.Sq
Power HEMT Epitaxial Wafers
On Silicon: 4″, 6″, BV>650V
Visible LED Epitaxial Wafers
On C-Sapphire and Silicon: 2″,4″,6″, Blue 450nm, Green 530nm, Customized
275nm DUV LED Epitaxial Wafers
On C-Sapphire: 2″
AlN Template
On Silicon and c-sapphire: 4″, 6″
GaN Template
On Silicon: 4″,6″,8″

We will be happy to work on your customized Gallium Nitride Epitaxial wafers consisting of single layer or multilayer complex structures. You may also see our standart Epitaxial wafer products in the below list which may fit to your project requirements. Check our the below standart GaN epi wafer list and contact us for Quote Request!

Product Images
Nitride Epilayers Grown on SiC Substrates
Nitride Epilayers Grown on Al2O3- Sapphire Substrates
Nitride Epilayers Grown on Silicon Substrates
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