Vacuum Probe Station

Vacuum Probe Station

Multi-functional probing stations are important elements of characterization in the research and development activities for the material sciences. Semiconductor thin film devices and materials can be easly probed under different conditions such as vacuum, under gas exposure or optical illumination. Signal outputs can be customized with DC/RF probes and BNC/SMA connectors. Samples can be safely heated up to 400°C or down to -20°C with 0.1 °C increments and 0.1°C accuracy.

Aluminium and 316L steel made chamber is very rigid and remains vacuum tight during the operation. Variety of gases can also be feeded to probe your samples such as gas sensors. 0.02mm accuracy linear stages are included in the standart package in order to place the probing pins on the desired coordinate on the sample with ±10mm travel distance.

Product Features
  • Ceramic Heater
  • Peltier Cooler
  • Vacuum
  • Gas feding
  • Optical window (ready to attach UV or Laser beams)
  • X-Y-Z dovetail stages
  • DC/RF probes
  • BNC/SMA outputs
Product Images

You may use our below configurator for your ultimate system configuration along with your needs on your research.

FAQs About This Product
How many probes can be integrated in this unit?

4 probes are included as standart feature and you may configure your system up to 10 probes.

Can I use this unit for packaged SMD or die level components?

Yes you can use the unit for probing of packaged devices or die level samples. Please contact our for your target application.