Optical Breadboards

Optical Breadboards

Optical breadboards are a portable platform for building an optical setup on a flat surface. An optical breadboard is a stable platform that is used to support systems used for laser and optics related experiments in science, engineering and manufacturing. The surfaces of these tables are designed to be very rigid with minimum deflection so that the alignment of optical elements remains stable over time.

Product Types
Model NoCR-OC-OB-001CR-OC-OB-002CR-OC-OB-003CR-OC-OB-004
Width450 mm.300 mm.400 mm.500 mm.
Length600 mm.300 mm.400 mm.500 mm.
Thickness10 mm.10 mm.10 mm.10 mm.
Mounting HolesM6M6M6M6
Mounting Hole Patern25 mm. grid25 mm. grid25 mm. grid25 mm. grid
Base MaterialAnodized Aluminum / Stainless SteelAnodized Aluminum / Stainless SteelAnodized Aluminum / Stainless SteelAnodized Aluminum / Stainless Steel
Product Features
  • High scratch resistant anodized coating
  • Flatness <100 µm
  • Customized Body Thickness
  • Customized Dimensions
  • Customized Body Material
  • Customized Fixing Screw Size
Product Photos