Hall Effect Probe Board

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Hall Effect Probe Board

Hall Effect probing PCBs are compatible with many Hall Effect Measurement system vendors as well as home made systems. Gold plated pogo pins are supported sampl

Product Fetaures
  • 4 Probe poits
  • Spring Loaded and gold plated pogo pins
  • External pressure spring to apply suitable fixing force on to the samples
  • Lead free PCB
  • Compatible with 77K Liquid Nitrogen cooled low temperatures
  • 10 pad PCB edge socket mountable
Product Images

PCB MaterialFR4
PCB Thickness1.6 mm
Layers 2 (Front and Back side)
MetalCopper 1/1 oz (for both sides)
Gold CoatingENIG for both sides (Optional)
Soldering MaskLPI or LDI (Green)
Via holes1mm x10 , 2mm x4 : Via inside is coated
SilkscreenOnly front side (insulating, White epoxy based ink)                                                       
Contact pinsp-bronze, suitable for high magnetic fields, Gold plated, spring loaded pins
FAQs on this product
Can I customize this for me?

Yes. we can make it for you almost in any size of PCB and for any number of pin probes.

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