− 196 °C / 77°K Probe Station

− 196 °C / 77°K Probe Station

Low temperature electrical characterization of the samples is very important method to understand the nature of the materials in many scientific research field. Our 4 point simple design probing station is easy to use and compatible with your measurement electronics. Gold plated Pogo pin touching probes are integrated in to a PCB board to allow users to easly and quick loading of the samples to be measured. Thermally insulated Liquid Nitrogen container can maintain 77K for long time in order to give you necessary time to get your results accurately.

Product Fetaures
  • Allows to dip samples from 5mmx5mm to 20mmx20mm or non-geometrical samples in to LN
  • Spring loaded and gold plated pogo pin probes.
  • PTFE made LN container
  • Standart BNC or SMA signal outputs available upon request.
Product Images