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Water Bath Cooled Circulating

Liquid Baths

Water Bath Cooled Circulating

Water Bath Cooled Circulating

Liquid Baths

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7 Liter: $ 3.325

15 Liter: $ 3.645

•    Thanks to the timed and indefinite start adjustment button on the device control unit, the desired values can be set with a single button.
•    The set operation of the device, the start and end operation of the device are done with a single button.
•    In this way, the margin of error in the control process is minimized.
•    Temperature accuracy (offset) can be made on the control unit. In this way, the user will be able to enter the actual value of the calibration result on the screen.
•    Delay time and processing time can be controlled.
•    The device has an automatic controlled cooling system with compressor protection.
•    Cooling is 1/2 HP power.
•    The circulation pump in the device provides temperature distribution, the maximum flow rate is 30 lt / min and the maximum height is 3.0 meters.
•    The device has a user compensation function to control the difference between the actual temperature and the displayed temperature.
•    Optionally, the device has the ability to transfer data to a computer.
•    The device has a warning and automatic stop function in case of liquid decrease.
•    There is a protection system against for over temperature, high current and leakage.





Digital Fuzzy


Color Touchscreen LCD


7 Liter

15 Liter


99hour ~ 59min.

Temperature Range

-25 °C ~ 100 °C (Adjustable)

Cooling System

CFC Free 404A

Temperature Accuracy

± 0.1 °C( at -20 °C ± 0.2°C)

Inner Material and Cover

Stainless Steel

Outer Material

Powder Coating on Steel


40 mm Polystyrene


1.1 KW

Power Supply

AC220V 50Hz

Interior Dim. (W*D*H) mm

170*180*290 mm

Exterior Dim. (W*D*H) mm

250*420*600 mm

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