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Vacuum Tweezers

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Vacuum tweezers are essential tools for manual handling of very thin/delicate substrates, wafers and other very fragile components.

Widely used in the clean room environment for pick and place during Micro-Fabrication Process of semiconductor wafers, glass and ceramic wafers, CVD-MOCVD Epitaxial Wafers, loading/unloading of wafers in Measurement systems

Our desing features and flexibility prevents from contamination, makes it usefull tool to avoid potential damages during the pick & place, transfer, allows careful handling of your very expensive and precious wafers.


  • Tweezer station contains 2 extra tweezer (metal&ESD plastic tip)
  • PEEK and Vespel Polyimide tips are high Resistant to chemicals and elevated temperatures.
  • Replacable Vacuum tips
  • Optional 1.5m to 5m long spiral vacuum hose
  • Handling of 2inch to 8 inch dia wafersGlove box integration possible.

Box Dimensions: 132,5 x 132,5 x 66 (mm)

Approx Weight: 1000 g.


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