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Infrared Dewar

Infrared Dewar


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The cooler with IR detector is a product produced in line with the demands of our customers in the defense industry.The detector cryostats are equipped with an adjustable thermal coupling placed in the liquid nitrogen reservoir.This connection is a controlled variable thermal resistance between the liquid cryogen and the cold base.Thermal insulation becomes single gas phase resulting in exceptional variable temperature operation.

• Full range variable temperature, <80 - 325K

• Easy LN2 Fill and Vacuum Options

• 84 Pin LCCC Socket configured for ISC9705 and 9803 POIC with 32 copper coaxial lines

• Up to 100 signal lines

• Variable Temperature Stability +/- 0.05K

• Cold finger (base) sample in vacuum

• Small - "hand held" - cryostat design

• Optional configurations with multiple sample bases (cold fingers) in a single cryostat each pedestal individually temperature controlled

• Both FPA Daughter board and optics can be reconfigured for maximum flexibility

• Less than 30 minutes. standby time

• 1E-6 mbar vacuum level

• DB 25 Style Hermetic Connector

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