Core Crystal

CoreCrystal was incorporated in 2016 in Manisa province located in western Turkey with the proven knowledge on compound semiconductors, MOCVD Epitaxy, sensor technologies, customized device processes and general laboratory equipments. 

CoreCrystal provides solutions for Gallium Nitride and GaAs/InP based epitaxial wafers on various  substrates for optoelectronics, photonics and power devices. As well as high quality metal, oxide and nitride thin film depositions for various opto-electronic and sensor Technologies. Besides the epitaxial wafers and thin films, we provide our customers a Low cost, High efficient laboratory equipments in wide diversity to support lab activities in large application areas such as semiconductor, biology, agricuture, pharmaceutical industries.

We deliver high quality, robust and customizable solutions for Universities, R&D centers and industrial consumers with our clean room services and equipments.  

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