$ 520,00 - $ 780,00

Desiccator cabinets are intend to use to store your research and engineering samples where low oxygen and dry environment is needed. As in many different research fields, light sensitive materials are studied, it is essential to protect those samples from air, dust, UV or IR radiation to achieve an accurate results. Our dessicator cabinets are also specially designed to store day light sensitive samples.

Upper stage has UV filtered windows on 3 sides. Lower stage is completely dark. You may continuously monitor the inner temperature and moisture level via external LCD display. Each stage consist of 2 racks (4 in total by default) and can be increased upon request. Different size of cabinets are available and inner structure can be customized according to your needs.

Product Types
DescriptionModel NoWxDxL (CM)Price
Small Dark DesiccatorCR-DES-S140x40x40$520
Medium Dark DesiccatorCR-DES-M140x40x80$640
Large Dark DesiccatorCR-DES-L150x50x100$780
Product Features
  • Perfect choice for day light sensitive samples
  • Customized UV or IR filtered windows (or totally dark storage)
  • Temperature and moisture monitoring
  • PTFE or Stainles steel made racks available
Product Photos

Long term dry storage!

Ask to us for your customized dimensions!